About Us

We've been eating right since 1924

MacPherson's Restaurant has focused on healthy, home-cooked inspired meals for longer than any of us can remember.

While the meals have changed since 1924, our dedication to providing locals and tourists alike with healthy, full-flavored dining hasn't. Whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner that we're serving, our guests dine happy, leave happy and come back happy.

Stop in today for a meal, a snack, or just to fill up on gas and browse our gift shop. Our friendly staff is always looking to meet a new face, or greet an old one.

Our customers are

always happy

"You can really feel the warmth of small town when you visit this diner style restaurant. The breakfast menu is reasonably priced, served fast and has a good variety from simple sandwiches to egg benny. The convenience of having gas, variety and gift shop all in one is great for travelers looking to pick up last minute items for the cottage or camping."

We have over 200 reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp and Facebook.