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Home-cooked inspired dishes

Our menu is available online and available for downloaded offline viewing. We offer dine-in, takeout & delivery between the hours of 6 AM - 10 PM.

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Dinner menu

  • Succulent cut of prime beef served with horseradish.

  • Boneless chicken breast topped with fresh bruschetta mixture and melted mozzarella cheese.

  • Tender boneless chicken breast, wrapped in a lightly seasoned crumb mixture. Served with cranberry sauce.

  • Homemade with 100% grade A beef, lightly seasoned, oven baked, topped with gravy.

  • See our daily specials: Lake Perch, Pickerel.

  • Two mildly spiced grilled sausages served with your choice of mashed potatoes & gravy, baked or fries.

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